Pastor’s BIO

Pastor Gene Profeta is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He began his ministry preaching on the street corners in the New York area. From there he attended Rev. A.A. Allen’s bible school in Miracle Valley, Arizona. He studied under Rev. Roy Gray who taught at Amy Semple McPherson’s school.  Pastor Profeta felt very fortunate to have a man of Rev. Gray’s caliber as his instructor.

While in bible school, God spoke to him and told him he was going to go overseas to preach. In confirmation to this, W. E. Carol, a businessman from Atlanta, Georgia, was attending a crusade Rev. A.A. Allen was holding in El Monte, California. Mr. Carol said God sent him to this crusade to pay Pastor Profeta’s way to go to the mission field.

Pastor Profeta traveled to Jamaica and ministered there for six months. He then went to Puerto Rico for two months. After this he went on to Trinidad for six months then to Haiti for one month. From there he went to Mexico for several more months.

After he returned from the mission field, he went back to Miracle Valley, Arizona. There he met his future wife, Glenda Gibson, who was the organist and piano player at Rev. A.A. Allen’s bible school. After being married in her hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado, he built and pastored a church there for seven years.

In 1969, God called him back to New York. This is where the “Birth of Revival” began at the Massapequa Full Gospel Tabernacle.

From that time on revival swept across Long Island! In 1977 God spoke to Pastor Profeta to rent the Nassau Coliseum. No products were sold and NO OFFERING WAS RECEIVED! Everything was paid for by the free will gifts from the Massapequa Full Gospel Tabernacle congregation which totaled over $250,000. This also included the cost of two One Hour Specials on the major television networks, channel 5 and channel 9.

From this meeting, many young men and women “caught the vision” and new churches and ministries were established in Long Island and beyond.

Pastor Profeta continued to bring the message of the Gospel here and overseas. He rented Westbury Music Fair and The Felt Forum at Madison Square Garden, where both arenas were filled to capacity. He then went to the Dominican Republic and rented the largest arena in Santo Domingo. The service was televised throughout the whole region. Over 70,000 “How To Walk With God” books that had been printed in Spanish were given to those whose lives were touched at this crusade.


After returning home from Santo Domingo, he received a call from then President Guzman and his family, who  heard so much about what God had done in their area at the meeting, that they sent a personal invitation for Pastor Profeta to return to the Dominican Republic, which he did, and minister to him and his family at their villa.

At Dowling College, they offer a course called “History of New York State”. So influential is Pastor Profeta’s ministry that what has taken place at the Tabernacle is recorded as part of the lesson in this course.  During a discussion of different religious impacts in the region, the professor mentioned a “radical” movement headed by “Profeta” in a tent meeting during the 1970’s. “Radical” meaning “carried to the farthest limits or extreme”. This “radical religious movement” still has an impact in New York today.

His ministry has had such an impact that the late Rev.  R.W. Shambach was quoted as saying to Rev. Jim Hester from Arlington, Texas, who relayed the message to us that; “No matter where I go on the eastern seaboard, I always meet ministers whose ministries began at and whose lives were somehow affected by Pastor Gene Profeta and the Massapequa Full Gospel Tabernacle”.

Pastor Profeta continues to touch lives every day with the “Prophetic Ministry” given to him by God.